Childbirth Classes

Update on COVID-19 and how it will impact Stork Ready.

We will be offering virtual as well as    

 Be certain to check if your class is in person vs. virtual.


Please contact us with any questions or concerns. / 978-500-5081

 We are offering a free breastfeeding class if you sign up for Childbirth, Newborn Essentials and Infant CPR classes.

Let us know in the comments section of your order which Breastfeeding Class you would like to attend. You must sign up for all three classes at the same time.

Most  insurance companies reimburse for classes

Our childbirth classes will teach every woman and her partner all they need to know to empower them by teaching evidence based information. You and  your partner will learn how to become your own advocate to acquire the birth you desire. Whether you wish to have an epidural or a natural birth this class is for you!

Topics covered: 

Signs and Stages of Labor

Medication Options

Medical Interventions

Natural / Epidural / Cesarean Birth

Labor positions, Massage, Breathing Techniques, Relaxation & Visualization Techniques

We focus on the role of the support person and ways to encourage efficient labor patterns for birth.

Please wear comfortable clothing.  You can bring your own pillow if you desire. We supply snacks and drinks throughout the day.  A one hour break is given for lunch. You can bring a lunch or choose from many local restaurants. 

One Day Class  $150 / couple  9:00-4:00

Sep 18 Sat 9-4 PM (In Person) Class is full

Sep 25 Sat 9-4 (Virtual)

Oct 3 Sun 9-4 Pm (Virtual)

Oct 16 Sat 9-4 PM (Virtual)

Oct 16 Sat 9-4 PM (In Person) Class is full

Oct 23 Sat 9-4 PM (In Person) Class is full

Nov 13 Sat 9-4 PM (Virtual)

Nov 13 Sat 9-4 PM (In Person) Class is full

Nov 21 Sun 9-4 PM (virtual)

Dec 5 Sun 9-4 PM (In Person)

Dec 11 Sat 9-4 PM (Virtual)

Dec 18 Sat 9-4 PM (Virtual)

Jan 8 Sat 9-4 PM (In Person)

Jan 29 Sat 9-4 PM (Virtual)

Feb 5 Sat 9-4 PM (Virtual)

Feb 12 Sat 9-4 PM (In Person)

Feb 26 Sat 9-4 PM (Virtual)

Mar 5 Sat 9-4 PM (Virtual)

Mar 6 Sun 9-4 PM (In Person)

Mar 26 Sat 9-4 PM (Virtual)

Mar 26 Sat 9-4 PM (In person)

Two Day Classes $150 / couple 6:00-9:00 PM 

Sep 22 & 23 Wed and Thu 6:00-9:00 ( Virtual)

Oct 13 & 14 Wed and Thu 6:00-9:00 (Virtual)

Nov 10 & 11 Wed and Thu 6:00-9:00 (Virtual)

Jan 5 & 6 Wed and Thu 6:00-9:00 (Virtual)

Feb 9 & 10 Wed and Thu 6:00-9:00 (Virtual)

Mar 9 & 10 Wed and Thu 6:00-9:00 (Virtual)

"I had to think about what I experienced today for awhile. It is not often you meet somebody that catches your attention in the way that Karen does. I am not talking about the actual class here ( I will get to that in a moment), I am talking about the person. One immediately feels very welcome, comfortable and calm upon making her acquaintance. I all to well understand having a passion for something. It certainly shows in her training center that she is in love with what she teaches.

This is our first child and we chose her birthing class to gain more knowledge and grow our confidence in our desires through education. Not only does my wife feel more empowered for the birth of my son. I have got to be honest. I am a pro boxer fighting in a few days. She motivated me as well for my upcoming bout. Her confidence in her self and the process is obvious. She could train the minds of anybody for anything and I for one am happy we found her program. I could say more but I am going to "do the laundry while she does her breathing exercises" ! "

Brandon Montella