Refresher Childbirth Class


 This class is perfect for anyone that is having another baby or wishing for a VBAC.  We have many couples wishing to refresh themselves on what they learned in a previous class then realized what they really want to focus on with their upcoming birth. 

Topics covered: 

Stages of labor

Interventions for Labor

Comfort Measures 

3 hr class $75.00 / couple

"Karen was great at teaching the childbirth class. She has definitely given my husband and I a different perspective of what to expect during labor. Her advice's are great and make you more confident on how to tackle this process. I left this class more sure of myself and more knowledgeable on the labor process. Plus Karen takes her time explaining and answering all concerns and questions. She has a great experience both professionally and as a mom as well. I recommend her course 100%, you will not be disappointed!"