Itty-Bitty Learners

Introductory 3 week summer program

Join us for a three week introductory class for parent/caretaker and baby. During this three week class we will sing, play, blow bubbles and more as we engage our babies senses while encouraging development.  We will introduce sign language, infant massage and sensory activities. Each week will have a new theme. 

Itty-Bitty Learners 0-3 mos $45 per child

 Jul 16,23,30  10:00-10:45

Aug 13,20,27  10:00-10:45

Itt-Bitty  Learners 3-6 mos $45 per child

Jul 16,23,30 9:00-9:45

Aug 13,20,27 9:00-9:45