Comfort Measures Class


 This comprehensive class will focus on the role of the support person and ways to encourage efficient labor patterns for birth. The class is perfect for the person that has taken a childbirth class and feels their class did not thoroughly prepare you and your partner in comfort measures. This class is also perfect for the person having their 2nd , 3rd child and wish to have a refresher class.

Topics covered: 

Labor positions, Massage, Breathing Techniques, Relaxation & Visualization Techniques

Medication options as well will be covered. 

Please wear comfortable clothing.  You can bring your own pillow if you desire.

3 hr class $75.00 / couple

January 16 Thu 6:00-9:00

"Karen was great at teaching the childbirth class. She has definitely given my husband and I a different perspective of what to expect during labor. Her advice's are great and make you more confident on how to tackle this process. I left this class more sure of myself and more knowledgeable on the labor process. Plus Karen takes her time explaining and answering all concerns and questions. She has a great experience both professionally and as a mom as well. I recommend her course 100%, you will not be disappointed!"