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Night Nurses 

Has Arrived!

About us:

Stork Ready Night Nurses are just that! They are actively employed in some of the nation's top hospital's and hold an active RN licensure. Each specializes in obstetrics-ranging from labor and delivery, maternity, special care nursery and some are members of the Neonatal Resuscitation Team! All of our nurses are certified through the Neonatal Resuscitation Program and have extensive lactation support training. Just like you'd experience in your hospital stay, we use a team nursing approach which gives our clients the advantage of gaining unique tips and insight from every nurse they encounter. Our nurses are extremely passionate about caring for mom's and babies and we honestly love what we do! Combining an all nursing staff with the lowest rates around is what sets us apart from our competitors. Most importantly, when a Stork Ready Night Nurse is caring for your baby, you can sleep well knowing that your baby is in the best and most capable hands.

What can you expect from your Stork Ready Night Nurse:

Your nurse will arrive between 8-11 PM and stay until 5-6 AM the next morning.

She will feed your baby a bottle or bring your baby to you for feedings when he or she wakes up. Your night nurse will give you and your baby the support that you need. Your baby will be swaddled, soothed and comforted while you get the extra sleep you deserve.

Your nurse will be certain that your nursery is tidy and that your bottles are clean and ready for the following day. 

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