Newborn Essentials Class


During this 2.5 hour class learn how to: 

Diaper, swaddle, burp and bath your newborn.

You will see examples of normal newborn appearance and reflexes.

Discussions include how to choose a pediatrician.

What happens the moments after birth, including delayed cord clamping, skin to skin, APGAR scores and more.

$60.00 per couple

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"Me and my husband took the newborn essentials class and both found it VERY helpful. We also took the infant CPR class and brought out mothers along. I would HIGHLY recommend this class. Karen covers home safety, SIDS prevention, and sleeping safety on top of the CPR and choking portion. It was a great refresher for our parents - so much has changed over the last 30 years, and a great learning experience for me and my husband. We both feel much more prepared for our little lady's arrival after taking the class. If you have family who will be helping with child care, BRING THEM! So worth it."

Michelle Crawford

"Our nurse couldn't believe this was our first baby!" Thank you Karen we couldn't have done it without this class."