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Hear what one anesthesiologist and his pediatrician wife had to say about us!

We can't thank Karen enough for her thoughtful and informative approach to childbirth education. Since I'm a pediatrician and my husband is an anesthsiologist, we almost didn't take a childbirth class at all. Luckily, we ended up signing up for Karen's class, because we learned so much more than we ever thought we would. We especially thought her techniques for coping with contractions were amazing, as well as her stellar pushing stratergy! We were able to successfully deliver our son Declan after just 17 minutes of effective strong pushing, thanks to Karen!  She is an outstanding teacher and we would highly recommend her classes to anyone.

Betsy, Mark, and Declan


Hear what a labor and delivery nurse had to say about Stork Ready!

Karen taught our childbirth class with such ease and energy. She reflects on personal experiences which are easy to relate to. She is warm, compassionate and caring. She gave support with words and without words that affected my entire family. My husband could not say enough about her, he learned so much and felt so much support from her. She is a vivid part of our birth story. 




        Skin to skin in the operationg room!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Stork Ready for preparing us for the birth of our son! My husband and I took three classes in preperation for the birth of our son and it was the best money spent! Our son was born via an unplanned c-section and here is a picture of one of the most important things for us ( and yes it was taught to us at Stork Ready) having the chance for skin to skin/ breastfeeding within the first hour. The teachers at Stork Ready work in Labor and Delivery at MGH and we have to say they are the Best! Thank you Stork Ready and MGH.  Jen was my rock during delivery and Karen was my rock from a far, as she wasn't working that day but she followed me post delivery with some one on one breastfeeding help. We feel truely blessed.

Kerry and Steve


    I pushed her out in 15 minutes!!!!!

 Karen's instruction was amazing! My husband Brian and I are the proud parents of 5 week Morgan Keiley. She is wonderful! Your class helped us so much. I pushed her out in 15 minutes!!!!! The techniques you taught us were with us the whole way.Brian was very very helpful thanks to you. I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your advice and help.

Thank you,

Katie and Brian


Signing up for classes at stork ready was the best thing my husband and I did as new parents expecting our first child. We took the 2 day birthing class, newborn essentials and breastfeeding class.
There is so much to learn about giving birth and it can be scary and overwhelming. As someone with a not so easy and perfect pregnancy I felt comfortable and relaxed in the environment Karen provided. The small class size was intimate and friendly. I was being told so many different things by my doctors and Karen was knowledgeable on all fronts. Listening to her experience and knowledge put me at ease and she gave amazing advice. During my labor many things came up, I knew from the birthing class the correct questions to ask and the decisions I could make and I had what I consider the perfect labor and delivery and skin to skin after my child was born.

I can not thank Karen enough for all she taught us. We love having the breastfeeding support group and mommy cafe as well. I know I will be doing many more things at stork ready!

Jessy Wong

           Your advice really works! 

Dear Karen,

We had a girl and she is gaining weight like crazy. I'm so glad. The 1st month was difficult, but we made it! I told my friends that your advice works!

Thanks for everything!



        The breathing helped!

Our experience was totally different than"expected", our official due date was August 31st. In the morning of July 28th my membranes ruptured and Jonas was in the breech position. I had a Cesarean Section 2.5 hours later. We are happy and thankful that everything went well and he is healthy. However, I miss a bit the experience of a vaginal delivery.  Thanks for the childbirth class, the breathing helped a lot as my membranes ruptured and in the OR.and is still helping in different situations now ;-))

Best regards,

Jonas, Andrea and Martin


         Delivered all natural!

We want to say thank you for all of your advice. Yen delivered all natural no epidural or medications. Yen started feeling contractions at 11:30 PM. We stayed home first like you said. She was using the medicine ball and taking warm showers. At 2:30AM we checked into the hospital.The nurses were laughing as we came in with the medicine ball. When we checked in Yen was 5 cm and station 0. At 5:00AM Yen was fully dilated and station2, ready to push. Nurse Terry was very helpful as she encouraged her to deliver naturally. She was calm and breathing as we practiced in your class. The nurses were impressed with her. We video taped the whole delivery and the nurse said the video should be used for classes. After one hour of pushing Noah was born. We were the last that came in and the first one out of the floor that day. Yen is really happy that she delivered naturally and now breastfeeding fully. The baby doesn't have a problem latching more like a problem unlatching as he uses her as a human pacifier. 

Thank you again for all your advice.


Karen's sense of humor made the day really enjoyable!

My husband David and I are both the youngest siblings in our families and prior to getting pregnant, had never given much thought to babies or childbirth. Karen's class was perfect for us! We learned so much during class and Karen's sense of humor made the day really enjoyable. The value of the class really kicked in when I went into labor 3 days before my due date. Because of all we had learned, David and I knew exactly what to expect and how to handle everything. We didn't rush to the hospital too early but also didn't wait too long! We were lucky enough to have a healthy and beautiful baby boy,Ben. He is the light of our lives. We are very thankful to Karen for helping us through this amazing time in our lives!


Testimonial for Sue Curley

Testimonial from a First Time Mom seeking Breastfeeding Support
Being a first time Mom, I honestly don't know what I would have done without Susan's fantastic support and knowledge.  It began on a Thursday when I had to take my sweet 4 day old son to the ER for dehydration because, although I thought he was feeding well, my milk had not actually come in yet. They sent us home that night and I didn't sleep a wink. We felt so alone and scared. I made frantic phone calls Friday and Susan was the only one who called me back that day and offered to come out the next day.
Susan's calm, caring , confident demeanor allowed my husband and I to relax for the 2 hours she was with us.  
It was perfect to have her come to our home to observe how I was feeding and the environment.  Susan gave us valuable suggestions about the room, the pillows, and chairs.  You answered every one of our questions (specifically my crazy husband's questions!) about feeding , crying , latching, pumping, wet diapers and poop. (Little did we know these things would be the topic of most conversations for the next several weeks.).  Her email write up of our visit was key, since half of what we discussed I wouldn't have remembered due to my sleep deprivation. Also, knowing that I can still email Susan questions as they arise and she responds  in a timely manner has been a blessing!!
In addition, the lactation group Susan leads at Stork Ready on Wednesdays has been so helpful.  To be able to be in a safe place where many women are having the same issues whether it be with feeding , pumping, family support, or just emotional thoughts. I am going to miss going!  Even if I didn't have a question for the week , just feeling welcome to join and sit with other Moms gave me a reason to get out of the house!
The cost of that Saturday morning visit was priceless.  The cost of your continued expert advice is invaluable.
Susan's groups have allowed me to feel more confident being a first time mom and I can not thank her enough!!
Best , 
Leann and Mike Melvin

 "Fantastic class! Exactly what I was hoping for!"





"Outstanding class thank you very much!"




"Great job making certain uncomfortable topics seem more comfortable to talk about."




"Phenomenal job! I feel much more informed and at ease."





"Great Job the true stories and your experiences helped make the experience real. Thank you!"





"Karen is a great instructor!"





"I feel more comfortable with the labor process and know now what to expect."





"Really enjoyed the class.Love the exercise ball!"