Hypnobirthing Class

HypnoBirthing® is all about building a positive expectancy for this crazy, wonderful adventure you are about to go on. It will teach you all about how your rockin' pregnant body is built for birth. You'll learn deep meditation, relaxation, visualization and breathing techniques which you will use not only for birth but for the rest of your life in those moments when you need calm and serenity (hello toddler tantrums!). You will also have the opportunity to release any fears, stories, or experiences which may have the potential to hold you back from having the positive birth you've been dreaming about.  Those things can hinder your body's ability to give birth comfortably and have no place in your birth space. As a trained doula, Carolynn's in-depth knowledge of birth will give you a well-rounded perspective on what to expect throughout your labor and birth, as well as how to become an advocate to get the things you want. 
?The course includes the 294-page  textbook HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method by Marie Mongan, two self-hypnosis/relaxation audios, one positive birth affirmations audio, one baby-bonding audio and lots of handouts for at-home practice!

HypnoBirthing is self-guided- I give you the tools during class time and you should plan to set aside time every day to practice the techniques 

When you sign up for your HypnoBirthing series you commit to attending class for 5 consecutive weeks, totaling 15 hours of learning time

Price for the group class is $325 and price for private sessions is $500

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NOTE: Most childbirth education classes are available for reimbursement through your health insurance!