Childbirth Classes 

Comfort Measure Class

All childbirth classes are small to ensure every person gets the attention they deserve!

Our childbirth classes will teach every woman and her partner all they need to know to empower them by giving them evidence based information. You and your partner will learn how to become your own advocate to acquire the birth you desire. Whether you want an epidural or natural childbirth this is the class for you.


One Day Childbirth Class

9:00-4:30 $175.00

Topics covered:

Signs and Stages of Labor

Medication options

Medical inteventions

Natural / Epidural / Cesarean Births

As well as all that is covered in the Comfort Measures Class is covered in the

All Day Childbirth Class. 

Refreshments are always served in all classes

Jul 28 Sat Class is full

Aug 12 Sun Class is full

Aug 18 Sat Class is full

Aug 25 Sat

Sep 8 Sat

Sep 16 Sun

Sep 29 Sat

Oct 14 Sun

Oct 20 Sat

Oct 27 Sat

Nov 3 Sat

Nov 11 Sun

Nov 17 Sat

Dec 1 Sat 

Dec 9 Sun

Dec 15 Sat

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Two Day Childbirth Class

Weekday Class 6:00-9:00 $175.00

All of the same topics are covered as in the All Day Childbirth Class

Jul 10&17 Tue Class is full

Aug 14&21 Tue Class is full

Sep 4&11 Tue

Oct 9&16 Tue

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Comfort Measures Class

3 hrs $75.00

July 24 Tue 6:00-9:00

Sep 30 Sun 9:00-12:00

Nov 18 Sun 9:00-12:00

Topics covered:

Labor positions, Massage & Breathing techniques, 

Relaxation techniques, Visualization techniques.

This comprehensive class will focus on the role of the support person and ways to encourage efficient labor patterns for birth. Please wear comfortable clothing for lots of hands on learning!
"Comfort Measures is covered in all of our Childbirth Classes"

This class is perfect for the person that has taken a childbith class and you feel it did not thoroughly cover breathing techniques and more. Perfect class if you are having your 2nd, 3rd baby and want a refresher. 

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