Breastfeeding Class

This two hour class is designed for the woman that wants to breastfeed as well as the woman that is undecided.

Discussions will include the initial first hour of birth and the importance of skin to skin. You will be able to identify your babies hunger cues & fullness cues.

We will also cover all of the hurdles that you may face and ways to overcome them. You will also know when you should reach out for help from a lactation consultant and how to find one.

Breastpumps, pumping, storing and weaning will also be covered.

The focus is on preparing the new mother to have a successful experience.

Partners are encouraged to attend.

Watch a video on The Magical Hour. Learn why most hospitals are encouraging skin to skin for the first hour of life.

$55.00 per couple

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"My husband and I loved Stork Ready. Karen is a great teacher with alot of experience! We took all her classes Childbirth, CPR, Breastfeeding and Newborn Essentials. We learned so much about what we could expect from going to the hospital to bringing our baby home. I had my baby 7.20.16. I felt so prepared because of her classes. She made us aware of what my options were as far as medications and pain relievers if I were to have a vaginal birth (wich i did ...and i went with no Epideral i chose to try laughing gas and I liked it! ). More importantly she taught me to make the best of the situation and stay calm whatever happens. Her childbirth class was my favorite. I loved that she made the spouses give us pregos massages. She told them what to do it was amazing !! I really think it brought my husband and I closer! He took alot home from it. I highly recommend.!!"

Nikki O'Donnell